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Trading Hours
1st Session : 0900 - 1230, 2nd Session : 1430 - 1700

Prices displayed on this website are delayed by 15 minutes. To access real-time data, please contact your stockbroker, our Information Services Vendors or subscribe to BursaStation.

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  • I refers to Order entry forbidden
  • A refers to Order entry authorized
  • G refers to Frozen
  • S refers to Suspended
  • R refers to Reserved
  • s refers to Short selling available
  • [x] refers to Exclude dividend
  • [c] refers to Cum dividend
  • [Space] refers to instrument open, or not provided
  • [S] refers to Shariah Compliant stocks
  • LACP refers to closing price from the previous trading day with the possibility of adjustment (for example, resulting from dividends payment or bonus issuance). For new listings, LACP represents the listing price
  • [USD] refers to USD denominated security